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MyAUPS Services Established 2023.

Why Choose Us

Explore our extensive database of scholarships specifically designed for international students pursuing study abroad opportunities. We have compiled a wide range of scholarships from various sources, including universities, government organizations, private foundations, and international organizations. Our categorized database allows you to search for scholarships based on your eligibility, preferred study destination, field of study, and application deadlines. Take advantage of these opportunities to make your study abroad journey more affordable and accessible.

Why Choose Us

Reason for Choosing Us

Expert guidance, diverse options, personalized approach, seamless process, extensive network, success stories, affordability, visa assistance, cultural integration, comprehensive support.

Direct Interviews

Uncover profound insights through direct interviews, mirroring the enlightenment cherished by history's great explorers. Our approach delves beyond surface knowledge, providing an immersive learning experience that transcends conventional methods.


Our commitment to affordability mirrors our dedication to excellence. We don't just cut costs; we optimize value. Every investment in education should yield dividends, and we ensure yours pays off in both knowledge gained and financial prudence exercised.

Faster Processing

Time is of the essence in education. Our streamlined processes ensure swift progress, minimizing bureaucratic hurdles. From application to acceptance, we prioritize efficiency, making your academic journey prompt and hassle-free.

Trusted by Clients

Our reputation stands on the pillars of trust built over years. Client satisfaction is our compass, guiding us through successful placements and testimonials that attest to the reliability and excellence of our services.

Visa Assistance

Navigating the complex visa landscape is daunting. Our seasoned experts provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring a smooth and successful visa application process. Your ambitions deserve unwavering support, and we're here to make your international study dreams a reality.

24/7 Support

Education knows no time constraints, and neither do we. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to address your queries, provide assistance, and offer guidance. Your academic journey is our priority, and our continuous support ensures you are never alone in your pursuit of knowledge.

Expert Guidance

Education experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, offering personalized advice tailored to each student's aspirations and circumstances. Their deep understanding of academic landscapes, evolving career trends, and the nuances of different educational systems empowers students to make choices that align with their goals.

Personalized Support

In a personalized support framework, educators and institutions focus on understanding the specific strengths and challenges of each learner. This involves assessing various aspects, including learning styles, interests, and prior knowledge. By gathering this information, educators can design customized learning experiences that resonate with students on a personal level.


Offices Worldwide

Global presence for personalized guidance. Find our offices strategically located to support your international study aspirations with expert advice.


Team Members

A dedicated team of 468 professionals committed to shaping your educational journey. Our experts ensure personalized assistance for every step.


Visa Processed

Proven success with 9.7K visas processed. Benefit from our expertise to navigate visa procedures seamlessly for a stress-free experience.


Countries Served

Expanding horizons in 5 countries. Our international study consultants extend services globally, offering diverse opportunities for your educational pursuits.


Satisfied Clients

Join the ranks of satisfied clients with a 99% satisfaction rate. Experience the difference with our comprehensive support and successful outcomes.

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