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Doctor of Philosophy

The highest degree available in any area of study is a PhD. Therefore, it is imperative that you pursue the course at a prestigious university in a well-traveled location. International students are increasingly choosing Dubai as their doctoral programme destination. This city is home to a few prestigious universities that provide PhD programmes at reasonable tuition costs. A doctoral programme in Dubai typically lasts three to five years, though this can change based on the university you select


Programme Overview

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a highly esteemed postgraduate research degree that fosters research abilities and gives accomplished individuals the chance to pursue in-depth studies within their field of study.

A four-year PhD programme consists of 48 credit points of coursework and research training, followed by a 144 credit point research thesis (6 sessions or equivalent part-time work). Candidates interested in pursuing a career in academia or in research and innovation-focused private or public organizations are targeted by the PhD programme.

Key Highlights

Realise the potential in your career.

The PhD programme at AUPS will not only improve your research abilities but also give you the professional qualities and extra skills you need to become one of the next great business researchers and scholars.

an academically distinguished university.

Learn at a recognised international university with many years of distinguished academic history. Our PhD students take advantage of top-notch facilities and infrastructure as well as a range of resources for their research.

supervision and mentoring from eminent academic specialists.

Each PhD supervisor is a distinguished researcher in their field with recognition for their contributions to research both nationally and internationally.

Obtain a top-notch PhD.

PhD programmes require a lot of time and effort. The typical course duration at AUPS is four years for full-time students and six to eight years for part-time students


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About the Program

The goal of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme is to educate candidates for work in academia or as researchers in the public or commercial sectors. Because of its emphasis on applied business research, the programme is pertinent to the expansion of the economies in the UAE, GCC, and MEA. Typically, a PhD programme takes four years to finish. There are three academic pillars in the curriculum:

Courses on research methodology, such as Pedagogy, Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology Seminars, Research Design, etc. The thesis or dissertation.

Program Duration

4 Years (Full-time) / 6 - 8 Years (Part-time)

Minimum Eligibility

Undergraduate honors degree or equivalent international qualification



Why Pursue a PhD?

  • One of the highest degrees available in any field is a PhD, and enrolling in the programme will undoubtedly help you land a stable job. The following list of benefits of pursuing a PhD includes a few.
  • Some of the best universities with highly qualified faculty members are open for study.
  • It will be simpler for you to land a well-paying position.
  • Studying here is less expensive than in a number of other nations
  • Studying in Dubai will make it simpler for you to get employment there. Working in Dubai is always a good option because you will receive tax-free salaries there.
  • Scholarships are available to help pay for your education.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Recognition & Accreditation