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ASTI Academy, a leading technical training centres in UAE for higher education qualifications located in the heart of Dubai. As one of the registered training providers in UAE, it is recognized by Dubai Government and accredited by UK qualifications and has been consistently rated as one of UAE’s most prestigious technical academies. Founded in 1995, it was ranked as the top technical academy for higher international diploma & professional courses in Dubai.

About ASTI Academy

Technical Academy For Vocational Educational Qualifications

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The Job-Ready Skills that can put you to work. Being the top technical training institute in Dubai, UAE ASTI offers vocational and technical training to achieve higher educational qualifications with global accreditation.



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Admission requirements for studying in New Zealand may vary depending on the university and program. However, common requirements for international students include:
1. Academic Transcripts:Submit official transcripts or academic records from previous educational institutions, demonstrating your academic performance.
2. English Language Proficiency: Provide proof of language proficiency in the language of instruction, such as English or Kazakh/Russian, depending on the program.
3. Standardized Tests: Some programs may require specific standardized test scores, such as SAT, ACT, or language proficiency tests.
4. Letters of Recommendation: Submit letters of recommendation from teachers or professors who can attest to your academic abilities and character.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1.What Programs Does the Technical Academy Offer?

    We provide diverse vocational programs catering to international students' career aspirations.

  • Q2.How Can International Students Apply to the Academy?

    The application process is simple; follow our online application procedure for convenience.

  • Q3.Are Scholarships Available for International Students?

    Yes, we offer scholarships to eligible international students pursuing vocational education in Dubai.

  • Q4.What Facilities Does the Academy Provide for International Students?

    Our modern facilities include labs, workshops, and support services for international students.

  • Q5.Is Accommodation Assistance Provided for International Students?

    Yes, we assist international students in securing suitable accommodation for their stay in Dubai.

  • Q6.How Does the Technical Academy Support Cultural Integration?

    We organize cultural events, language support, and mentorship to facilitate international students' cultural integration.

  • Q7.What Career Services Are Offered to International Graduates?

    We provide career guidance, internships, and job placement support for international graduates.

  • Q8.How Can International Students Seek Academic Support at the Academy?

    We offer academic counseling, tutoring, and study resources to support international students' academic success.