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Mechanical Engineering

Higher International Degree in Mechanical Engineering programs are made to satisfy the ever-changing demands of contemporary society. They offer a broad engineering education that can lead to a variety of employment in the mechanical industry. One of the oldest and most comprehensive engineering specialties is mechanical engineering, which uses materials science, engineering physics, and mathematics to design, analyze, produce, and maintain mechanical systems.


Programme Overview

The design, production, and upkeep of a large variety of mechanical systems and components are all included in the vast topic of mechanical engineering. You may acquire the abilities and information required to be successful in this fascinating and demanding industry with the correct instruction and training.

The higher international diploma in mechanical engineering programs through AUPS are meant to give students a thorough education in the field. Do you want to push the limits of engineering to find innovative solutions to challenging issues so that our world can become more efficient and sustainable?

With the help of this AUPS plcement services, level 5 higher international diploma in mechanical engineering, you will be able to use your initiative, numeracy abilities, and in-depth subject knowledge to improve the way that modern industry operates for all of us. Our mechanical engineering diploma programs are the ideal option whether you are just starting out in the engineering field or want to enhance your academic and professional abilities. Teaching includes both lectures and workshops as well as practical activities.

Key Highlights

Global Networking and Collaboration

Pursuing an international mechanical engineering degree provides opportunities to network and collaborate with professionals and students from around the world.

Exposure to International Standards and Regulations

Mechanical engineering is influenced by international standards and regulations to ensure safety, quality, and interoperability of products and systems.

International Research and Innovation

Mechanical engineering is a field of continuous research and innovation. International degree programs often have collaborations with leading research institutions and industry partners worldwide.

Multidisciplinary Approach

International mechanical engineering programs often emphasize a multidisciplinary approach by integrating other engineering disciplines and fields such as materials science, robotics, renewable energy, and automation.

Global Career Opportunities

An international mechanical engineering degree provides graduates with a wide range of career opportunities globally. Mechanical engineers can work in various sectors.

Global Impact

Engineers contribute to global development by addressing societal needs, constructing vital infrastructure, and promoting sustainable practices for a better, interconnected world.


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About the Program

A major contribution from mechanical engineers is the creation of technologies that meet human needs. A mechanical engineer has affected almost every good or service that exists today to help people in some way. With the ability to lead and manage intricate engineering projects and the expertise required to thrive in the field, the Level 5 Higher International Diploma in Mechanical Engineering program puts you in charge.

Throughout the course of the program, you will work on both individual and group projects that are intended to help you develop your unique engineering skills as well as the leadership, organizational, and communication abilities required to function well in a company or organization. Additionally, you will get to witness engineering in action by visiting plants, and you will be supervised by industry experts with specialized knowledge.

Program Duration

2 Years / 24 Months


Assignments Based Assessment , No Exams



Why Become an Automobile Engineering?

  • Some of the most difficult issues in the world are solved by mechanical engineers, and ASTI will provide you with the resources you need to create amazing work and bring your ideas to life in a variety of industries. The goal of the level 5 higher international diploma program in mechanical engineering is to help students gain the performance prediction abilities.
  • Our programs guarantee a highly integrated and industry-relevant curriculum by introducing a comprehensive range of basic engineering science modules in conjunction with real-world applications.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Recognition & Accreditation