Acquire a Higher International Degree in

Civil Engineering

Dubai is a great place for students wishing to pursue a career in civil engineering because it is the center of engineering and building. Because of its quick expansion and development, there is a great need for qualified civil engineers. To fill this need, AUPS leads the path to higher international diploma programs in civil engineering education.


Programme Overview

One of the best technical schools in Dubai for diploma programs in civil engineering, is to give students a strong foundation in the theories and methods of the field. In addition to covering a wide range of subjects, such as environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and structural engineering, the program gives students practical experience through lab work and real-world projects.

Students can learn about the wonders of civil engineering in a laid-back setting with Civil Engineering Diploma Courses. With an emphasis on planning, design, construction, and management, to set the standard for diploma programs in civil engineering in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The increased need for experts in the domains of building construction, computer design, transportation structure, cost & value, etc.

led to the creation of this course. With the information and abilities you gain from our practical training programs, you can help shape a more sustainable future. The diploma programs in civil engineering offered by AUPS are created in close consultation with certification bodies and business partners. It is possible to become a very skilled civil engineer by participating in fieldwork, visiting interesting

Key Highlights

Global Perspective on Civil Engineering

An international degree in civil engineering provides students with a global perspective on the field.

Exposure to International Codes and Standards

Civil engineering projects are governed by codes and standards specific to each country.

Sustainable Infrastructure Practices

International degree programs provide insights into sustainable infrastructure practices from around the world, including renewable energy, green building techniques, and efficient resource management.

Global Job Opportunities

With an international degree in civil engineering, graduates can explore job opportunities globally. Civil engineers are in demand worldwide, with infrastructure development happening in various countries.

Multicultural Collaboration and Communication

International civil engineering programs often attract students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Design Excellence

Engineers merge creativity and technical expertise to design structures, systems, and products.


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About the Program

To improve your comprehension of the fundamentals, ideas, and practical applications of civil engineering in order to position you for a leading-edge career in the discipline. The greatest methods to learn about diverse areas of civil engineering are offered by our large, state-of-the-art laboratories. Through workshops and small projects, you can gain practical experience with the industry and the role of the civil engineer within it.

Civil engineering diploma program, which paves the way for admission to the bachelor's degree in civil engineering, has a broad range of knowledge, a curious mindset, and a foundational understanding of the field. The goal of this recognized qualification program is to provide a thorough understanding of civil engineering technicalities together with the freedom to choose elective courses. With first-rate universities and diploma programs to help students thrive in this exciting and quickly expanding sector, Dubai provides a wide selection of possibilities for students wishing to pursue careers in civil engineering.

Modern, well-equipped laboratories for automotive systems, automotive engines, computer-aided design, rapid prototyping, product design, controls, and vehicle dynamics are among AUPS's many cutting-edge facilities. This degree has been created to satisfy the needs of students who want to pursue careers in automotive engineering.

Program Duration

2 Years / 24 Months


Assignments Based Assessment , No Exams



Why Become an Civil Engineering?

  • If students decide to continue their studies, the higher international diploma in civil engineering program offers them the chance to transfer to a degree program.
  • A diploma in civil engineering from Dubai can lead to a variety of job options in the engineering and construction sectors.
  • The field of automotive engineering has created numerous job opportunities in the defense services, auto dealerships, private and international automakers, and entrepreneurship.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Recognition & Accreditation